Wondwossen Amtataw1*, Gyan Chand2, Kumari Madhu2

Phyllodes tumors are rare breast tumors accounting for less than 1% Unlike breast cancers where they started from ducts and glands, phyllodes tumors start in the connective tissue of the breast. They are fast growing tumors with a large spectrum of behavior and most of them are benign with resemble of fibroadenoma with small number of borderline and malignant tumors. The correct diagnosis is mostly through core needle biopsy and it is also important to decide whether surgical management has to be done. Here we had a case of 38 year-old woman having recurrent fast growing lump to her right breast with distorted nipple with irregular border. MRI showed mass lesion measuring 9.5cm×14cm×20cm at right breast with few cystic areas with subtle chest wall infiltration especially underling muscles. After diagnosed to have phyllodes tumor total mastectomy involving partially the pectorals’ major with latissimus Dorsi myocutaneous flap reconstruction was done.

Keywords: Giant phyllodes tumor, Phyllodes tumor, complete surgical excision, Fibroepithelial neoplasm.

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