Tooraj harmi

Introduction: Job burnout is a problem caused by workplace stress. Several factors can affect job burnout, one of which is neuroticism.
Method: This study was conducted on 100 employees of Bastak County education department. To collect field data, Paterson’s job performance questionnaire, Maslach et al.’s (2001) Job Burnout Inventory, and five-factor NEO personality inventory were used to assess neuroticism. Data analysis was conducted using Pearson correlation coefficient and regression was performed using SPSS19 software.
Findings: Findings show that there is an indirect and positive relationship between neurotic personality behavior and job burnout. Neuroticism personality trait does not affect academic performance, and only the variable of agreeableness affects job performance.
Conclusion: Neuroticism personality trait can indirectly control job burnout. Based on the conducted studies, using mental exercise, increasing mental satisfaction, and experimental refreshment can increase adaptability and conscientiousness and decrease neuroticism, which eventually leads to a reduced level of burnout.

Keywords : Job burnout, job performance, neuroticism

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