Bardi M*, Pezzetti G, Laquintana R, Chiesa A, Gangarossa G, Iliakis A, Salerno B, Rebecchi A and Rosaschino P

Objective: to reduce the surgical damage to the ovarian reserve, after stripping of ovarian endometrioma, of the necrotic type given by the electrohaemostasis or ischemic type given by the suture.
Design: perform haemostasis on ovarian parenchyma with topical haemostatic agents.
Materials and methods: we used Arista AH which is a powder made up of microporous polysaccharide hemospheres that act by osmotic action and accelerate the natural coagulation process. We used Arista AH in 27 women with mono- or bilateral ovarian endometriosis.
Results: in all treated cases we obtained a rapid and optimal haemostasis. There were no post-surgical complications related to haemostatic defects. Three months after the surgery, we checked the Antral Follicle Count (AFC) with a trans-vaginal ultrasound probe. AFC in 24 women with full follow-up gave the following results:

  • unilateral endometrioma – AFC between 5 and 8 (MV: 6.3),
  • bilateral endometriomas – the AFC between 5 and 7 (MV: 5.8).

Conclusions: The use of Arista AH powder allows highly effective hemostasis and is easy to use, fully respecting the residual ovarian parenchyma after stripping.

Keywords:Ovarian Endometriosis, Follicular Reserve, Laparoscopic Surgery, Hemostasis

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