Rivanha Soares Pinto Saraiva

Health accreditation is based on ensuring the level of quality in care, structural and process care, thus defining the reflection of the performance of a continuous improvement of population health services. The present context aims to highlight the responsibilities regarding management conduct within the accreditation scenario, with an analytical and reflective view of the established information. The basis was based on scientific productions related to the theme with an active and retrospective search of the last ten years, the databases that permeate the composition are concise and coherent, using the discourse of the authors to construct the proposal. In general, caution was expressed regarding operational health services related to continuous accreditation and the qualification of the demand for assistance and strategic clinical performance, the health system being a complex enabled to the growing population adaptation with tools of breadth and integration of care, with potential for quality efficiency to reach its executions.

Keywords: Health accreditation, Evidence management, Hospital research.

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