Rawa Jaafar Kadhim Al-Ameri

Introduction: The health system faced significant stress during COVID 19 pandemic with many challenges. Primary care physicians perform an essential tactical function in the public health crisis. Home visiting is a strategic measure introduced to overcome the rapid increase of cases with crowded hospitals by following up the mild and moderate cases at their homes and saving the severe cases for hospitals.
Aims of the study: The achievement of primary health care physicians during COVID19 pandemic, obstacles and challenges.
Subjects and Methods:It is a cross sectional study, included an electronic questionnaire that is introduced to primary health care physicians in all sectors of al-karkh health directorate from 1st to 31st of October, 2020.
Results: Highest percent of social challenges was the one; looking after an elderly person 59.5%, the financial challenges, the domain using of my own car and price of mobile calls for the visit were both 88.1%. The work challenges was the one; extra duties of paperwork for filling the case sheets 78.6%, while highest percent of psychological challenges was the domain; fear of transmit of the infection to his own family members 90.5% .
Discussions and conclusions: The current study revealed that highest satisfaction rate of physicians was the domain of team work with the healthcare personnel followed by the domain availability of diagnostic tests with a moderate positive relationship between cure rate and doctors’ satisfaction about the home visits for COVID 19 cases.

Keywords: covid19, home visit, physicians, primary health care.

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