Georgiana-Costinela GURGUI1and Monica BUTNARIU2*

Drinking alcohol does not cause problems but consuming it above the limit can be harmful. What is commonly referred to as alcoholism is considered to be alcoholism, an expression of an abnormal personality, often psychopathic. Alcohol becomes dangerous when consumed frequently and in large quantities, causing intoxication called alcoholism. This situation is manifested by the state of intoxication (drunkenness), when alcohol weakens the reflexes, memory, attention and thinking of the drinker. The manuscript starts from the premise that ethyl alcohol is addictive. Alcohol is a drug tried at least once in a lifetime by over 80% of the general population of the globe. Despite the minimal and short-term benefits of low doses of alcohol, repeated and increased consumption ultimately leads to impaired health, reducing the average life expectancy by about 10 years, regardless of gender, race or condition. social.

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