Sunil Palchaudhuri*, Sreeja Chakraborty, Tripti Bhattacharya

We have developed an alternative but preventive therapy to save our children and the elderly from the attack of two serious pathogens Streptococcus mutans (dental diseases) and Streptococcus pneumoniae (respiratory diseases). This therapy uses low calorie sugar Xylitol (2% or more) with fluoride at a concentration of 100 ppm or less. These two bacterial pathogens Streptococcus mutans (dental diseases) and Streptococcus pneumoniae (respiratory diseases) are related by their low G-C content. We have determined their growth curves. They grow in three phases: pre-competent, competent and post- competent. These serious pathogens have already become resistant to our antibiotics and also capable of causing antigenic variation.
Material & Method: In microbiology text books there are two classes of bacteria: Gram-positive and Gram negative. They are classified by the Gram staining technique. Briefly aniline dye (crystal violet) is added and stained for 60 seconds and then removed by washing with acetone-alcohol mixture. After fixing with iodine and counter stain is added. Gram positive bacteria become purple and the Gram -negative looks pink. We also used two well characterized bacteria as our internal controls. All other techniques are well defined in details but in the articles of Palchaudhuri, previously published.

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