Dr. Basavaraj T Bhagawati1*, Dr. Sharanamma2

In the last many years, dentistry has advanced rapidly. Conventional dental care is about to undergo a revolution because to new technological advancements and diagnostic tools. One such innovation whose promise has now been realised is “artificial intelligence,” a highly developed technology that can replicate how the human brain functions. Artificial intelligence technology could be used in dentistry applications to cut down on expenses, time, human mistake, and human expertise. AI is being used in the dental sciences for a variety of purposes, such as diagnosis, differential diagnosis, imaging, and treatment of head and neck conditions, dental emergencies, and other dental specialisations. Although artificial intelligence will never completely replace the work of a dentist, it is crucial to understand how this technology may be used in the future. The purpose of this AI overview is to give readers a better understanding of the different methods and uses of AI in radiology and oral health.

Keywords: Advantages, artificial intelligence, disadvantages, oral medicine, oral radiology, utilization

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