Masashi Nojima1, 2*

This paper discusses the behaviors of 2-(2-butoxyethoxy) ethanol (DEGBE) as a popular mobile phase for the electrostatic spraying ionization (ESI) processes. We studied behaviors of mass spectrogram respecting to ionization process from electron ionization (EI) and ESI processes installing a quadrupole mass (Q-MS) filter and our originally developed rotating electric fields mass (REF-MS) filter.

MS spectrogram of Q-MS and MS patterns on typical frequencies of the REF-MS were discussed respecting to the MS formations on each process. The MS formations through EI process mainly distribute on fragment or intact ion species and the MS formations by ESI process contain multiple or composite elemental ions. The REF-MS survey different MS dimension comparing to other MS detection methods.

Keywords: Electrostatic spraying ionization (ESI); electron ionization (EI); Rotating electric field mass filter (REF-MS).

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