Sagar Chaudhari1*, Ajit Govind Jangale2, Sharayu Dhande3 and Sheetal Ajit Jangale4

The Coronavirus disease (COVID) has brought major breakthrough in day to day Orthopedic practice in an unrivalled way. Majority of hospitals have been adopting preventing strategies to help prevent the spread of the viral infection among the healthcare professionals and patients affected by other diseases. On the other hand, hospitals also have been restructured to help provide the best care to COVID patients, with proper allocation of the staff, patient isolation and restrictive visiting hour policies. As a consequence, the notion of urgency and indications for elective orthopedic surgeries have been profoundly revamping. In addition, several healthcare professionals have been recruited to serve COVID patients despite of their original specialties, resulting in profound reshaping of both the inpatient as well as the outpatient care. Surgical considerations have been thus reformulated, with the elective cases being promptly postponed while treating only the emergency interventions requiring exceptional attention, especially in suspected or COVID patients.

Keywords: Elective Orthopedic Surgery; COVID-19; Occupational Exposure.

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