Bangladesh is a South East Asian country; the first case of COVID-19 was detected in early March 2020. In a land where 2.11% of the total world population resides; a devastating surge of the Pandemic of COVID-19 was anticipated to overwhelm the health sectors [1]. Specific high risk groups were identified and possible efforts to minimize both morbidity and mortality have been ensured. Pilot health projects launched with mass campaigns on preventive measures from COVID-19 and to educate people about mode of transmission, home treatment and isolations in mild cases. Apart from general cases, the obstetric cases became a delicate challenge for health professionals. Here both mother and babies requires standard treatment protocol, care along with unprecedented psychological support system for the mothers in all three antepartam, intrapartam and postpartam periods. A well designed care protocol introduced for neonatal care. A national guideline on clinical management of corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has been developed on 30th March 2020 by Disease Control Division in combination with Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh [2]. The guidelines have been updated time to time to incorporate latest evidence and recommendations of WHO.

New COVID-19 units reconstructed both in Government and Private sectors with adequate logistics, ICU support and trained stuffs with proper mother and baby isolation centers. A comprehensive infection prevention and control (IPC) is strictly maintained in every aspects of case management from community to hospital ICU. Severe and critical cases are treated in designated COVID-19 hospitals or units. Laboratory for patient screening tests and triage became a huge challenge for health facilities required constant supervision. Proper early diagnosis and case detection became the success tool of the disease. Two obstetric cases COVID-19 (SARS CoV2 virus) treatment and outcome have been discussed in this topic to highlight the management issue and to adopting national protocol.


COVID-19, Mode of Delivery, Intrapartum and Postpartum Care

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