Tahir Ataözden PhD

A 14-month-old baby boy was admitted to the Dental Treatment Center of the Faculty of Dentistry of Kafkas University in May 2022 with a green tree fracture in the left mandibular condyle. According to the information given by the family of our patient, she fell from the sofa and became unable to breastfeed due to the effect of trauma. After the clinical and radiological examination of our patient, a left mandibular green branch fracture was detected. Panoramic x-rays could not be taken due to the fact that it was a baby, only computed tomography was performed, and since our patient was a 14-month-old baby, conservative treatment without maxillomandibular fixation was thought to be appropriate, followed by mechano- physiotherapy.

Keywords: Condyll, Green Branch, Mechano, Treapy.

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