Branislav R. Tanasic, Prof. Ph.D.

The standard pitch for tuning musical instruments is 440 Hz, and an alternative pitch is 432 Hz, also known as Verdi’s A. The famous words of the great Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla, who believes that revealing the secrets of the universe can be grasped through thinking about energy, vibration, and frequency, lead to the conclusion about the importance of the applied frequency standard in music as a universal, planetary language. Numerous experiments through which the authors tried to prove the positive and even healing effect of music trimmed at 432 Hz, were performed using biometric methods, monitoring respiration, heart rate, blood pressure, or skin moisture. This paper is the product of an attempt with the help of an EEG device, to directly measure brain reaction, and compare the effects on music listeners performed on instruments tuned to 432Hz and 440 Hz.

Keywords: Electroencephalograph, musical stimulus, tone pitch, Verdi`s A

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