Merve Yıldırım Canpolat, Naz Ünsal, Nezih Başaran and Polen Koçak Denizci*

Mammalian hair is a protein filament that develops from follicles in the skin. The hair follicles generate a protein called keratin, which is the primary component of hair. Both men and women commonly experience hair loss, which can cause from lots of reasons such as aging, patterned hair loss, stress, illness, pregnancy in women, iron deficiency and autoimmune reactions. It is estimated that 50% of men and 15–30% of women suffer from hair loss and its accompanying psychological burden. Also, air pollution due to changing environmental conditions also affects hair health and can cause hair loss. In this study it was aimed to investigate the efficacy of a new hair serum by measuring hair density and hair thickness by using Aramo SG® ASG 200F. Hair serum consisting of NX35growthTM molecules was tested on 51 participants. 48 women and 3 men aged between 26-59 participated in this study and it was considered that participants have different hair types like normal, dry and greasy. Participants applied the formulation to the scalp once a day to get the results properly. In the first, 28th and 56th days of the study measurements were carried out and results were obtained.

As a result, the measurements presented on the 28th and 56th days of the participants who used the hair serum regularly showed that the hair serum containing the NX35growthtm molecule increased the hair density, hair volume and hair thickness in all hair types.

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