Kumuda Irgam1*, Rama Krishna Kancha2*, BattiniSriteja Reddy3, Manjula Gorre1, Pranavchand Rayabarapu4, Sandhya Annamaneni1 and Reddy B. Mohan1,4*

In order to portray the genetic susceptibility profile of the population of Hyderabad a prioritized set of 192 SNPs belonging to the 11q23.3, 9p21.3 and other CAD specific genomic regions were genotyped in a sample of ~500 cases and 500 controls. After data pruning, pair-wise logistic regression analysis of 148 CAD specific SNPs revealed significant association of 18 SNPs. The risk score analysis based on 18 SNPs and the ROC curve yielded an AUC of 0.822 suggesting substantial power of these SNPs to serve as predictive markers for CAD. Comparative analysis revealed certain SNPs belonging to APOA4-APOC3, APOA5-APOA4, BUD13, ZPR1, LPA and SMEK1 genes were associated significantly with the three phenotypic categories of CAD. The current study identified a unique set of SNPs to be associated with CAD and also portrays the distinct patterns of association of certain SNPs with the three major phenotypic sub categories of CAD in the population of Hyderabad.

Keywords: Anatomical categories, atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia, phenotypic categories, Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms.

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