Maher Al-Hajjaj1, Muna Alqralleh2, Mahmoud Alali3, Abdallah Alwahkyan4, Bayan Ayyad5, Rawan Elshaer6

Introduction: Giggle incontinence (GI) is a socially embarrassing problem characterized by involuntary and complete bladder emptying in response to laughter.
Case Presentation: Here, we report a rare case of giggle incontinence in a 15 years old girl. Physical examination, laboratories, and imaging studies were all negative. Our patient was treated successfully with 10 mg PO methylphenidate for one year. Follow-up for more than one year showed a complete resolution of symptoms.
Discussion: To our knowledge, there is no a standard plan for treatment such case. Giggle incontinence can be difficult to recognize, as embarrassment can prevent disclosure of symptoms, and it is difficult to treat. Many reports showed a good response to methylphenidate.
Conclusion: Giggle incontinence is a rare condition which it can be seen in childhood. Methylphenidate drug is considered an option for treatment.

Keywords: Giggle incontinence, methylphenidate, case report

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