Delia Teresa Sponza

In this study, nitrogen containing TiO2 nanoparticles were doped on GO and TiO2-N-GO nanocomposite was produced under laboratory conditions to treat the chemical industry wastewater containing high H2 under UV light. 1%- 1%-3%, 3%- 1%-1% and 1%- /15%-1%3 ratios for TiO2-N-GO nanocomposite composition was researched for maximal hydrogen production. The structural, optical and morphological aspects of nanocomposites were studied using XRD, UV-DRS, Raman, XPS, FESEM, and TEM. The TiO2-N-GO nanocomposite with 2% GO, exhibited enhanced photocatalytic H2 production 3450 μmol h−1 under 60 min UV light irradiation The increase of photocatalytic activity was the high N doping resulting in high porous surface in the nanocomposite.

Keywords : GO, TiO2-N-GO, chemical industry, wastewater, H2S, H2 production.

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