Rivanha Soares Pinto Saraiva

The systemic review analyzed the breadth of organizational management responsibility, in the form of complying with criteria for inclusion and diversification of care and population health services, emphasizing the implication of the economic criterion as the main point of the challenge of effectiveness actions. Methodologically, it was considered safe databases to search for scientific productions, retroactively, in Portuguese and English, but indexed directly to the health management system. It is concluded that the social right to health is above all a public and sanitary administrative problem, but in this context, the centralization in the educational prevention format of a community lacking information is predominant due to the diversity of contexts based on strategic guidelines, which prematurely focuses care technologies only as diagnostic methods, and the actions must provide the maximum amount of information to demonstrate an adequate management model in the decision-making function, which has not yet been implemented and judiciously can expose risks if not well planned by the team.

Keywords: Organizational behavior. Systemic view. Health diversity.

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