Ahmad Mansour Hamad1, Hazim Abdul Rahman Alhiti2,3*

Background: This case presentation of an Iraqi infertile adult man assisted to be fertile by autologous stem cells.
Case presentation: a 35 years old Iraqi infertile adult man suffered from thirteen years of idiopathic infertility. He had a BMI of 27 % with no notable surgical, medical, or family history. Also, he did many laboratory tests that confirmed non-obstructed azoospermia plus low male hormones. He visited many urologists and prescribed various drugs with a negligible retort. We aspirated bone marrow stem cells from his hip, then cultured the cells in our laboratory. Then re- injected the cells in his testis five times in a two weekly interval. We tested seminal fluid count after each injection, which showed a progressive rise to (less than one million sperm/ml). Then we amassed patient semen for in vitro fertilization. Finally, the couple gained a healthy twin.
Conclusions: applying autologous stem cells to males who had confirmed Non-obstructive azoospermia can assist in verified outcomes.

Keywords: infertility, azoospermia, autologous, stem cells

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