Maher Al-Hajjaj1*, Muna Alqralleh2, Mahmoud Alali3, Abdallah Alwahkyan4 and Bayan Ayyad5

Background: Purple urine bag syndrome is a rare condition that may be a resource of concern for both patients and clinicians because it is a not-well-known condition.
Case Presentation: We reported an unusual case of purple urine bag syndrome in a 76 -year- old male patient with multiple systemic diseases presented to our center in case of acute urinary retention for the first time. After catheterization, the color of the bag changed to purple color. Dealing with such a situation requires only the reassurance of the patient.
Conclusion: Interns, urologists, and nephrologists should be known side by side with patients about this rare harmless phenomenon.

Keywords: Case report, Purple urine bag syndrome, Urinary retention, Discoloration

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