Fahima Alam1, Kevin Sneed1 and Yashwant V Pathak1,2*

Nanomedicine, a branch of medicine, applies tools and knowledge of nanotechnology towards treatment and prevention of disease it incorporates utilisation of nanoscale materials, for example, nanorobots, and biocompatible nanoparticles regarding delivery, diagnosis, actuation and sensing purposes within a living organism. This assignment has reviewed recent trends within drug delivery systems for treating any particular disease and this assignment has chosen wound healing. It has elaborated the process of wound healing and its different stages, along with it is illustrated possible wound infection by discussing different types of wounds, wound dressing, and delay of wound healing process.

Additionally, it has discussed the nano-drug delivery system for wound healing where different nanoparticles that are significantly used in healing wounds are discussed. The findings have shown the most promising nanoparticle is liposome and hydrogels. This review paper has represented an updated summary of recent trends in NDDS by comprehensive scrutiny of delivery and application of nanoparticles by enhancing the efficacy of current and new drugs. The information has highlighted that nanotechnology has gained remarkable attention in the past few decades and nowadays, these are extremely used in many sectors, especially pharmaceutical industry. Thus, nanomedicine has a great future and research has effectively used them to develop treatment solutions.

Keywords : Wound healing; Nanoparticles; Nano particulate drug delivery systems; Wound dressings; Inflammation due to wounds; Future trends in wound healing.

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