Alberto Benitez Herrera1*, Pedro Rolando López Rodríguez2

Introduction: Since the beginning of the last century, multiple investigations have been carried out in the field of Regenerative Medicine. Stem cells obtained by different routes have been implanted in different injured tissue in order to achieve its regeneration.

Objective: To demonstrate the feasibility and safety of the implantation of autologous MO-CMA by subarachnoid puncture.

Method: A study is carried out by implanting autologous stem cells by subarachnoid puncture in five patients who had undergone a first open implant due to a neurological lesion of traumatic etiology. January 2016 to December 2018, at the Enrique Cabrera General Teaching Hospital.
Results: The second implant was completed in 5 patients and the following advantages were obtained: less surgical time, less possibility of sepsis, no blood loss, less hospital stay and fewer complications.
Conclusions: The feasibility and safety of stem cell implantation by subarachnoid puncture without complications is demonstrated in this study.

Keywords : Implant / stem cells / regenerative medicine.

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