Rivanha Soares Pinto Saraiva

The development of the computer system in a hospital environment improves patients’ quality of life and allows healthcare management to evolve into the greatest virtual and functional techniques. Considering state-of-the-art devices as an aid in various highly complex surgical procedures, this gives society confidence in the services available, with continuous and rehabilitation treatments being the ones that have a greater number of technological devices helping in their favor. The contextualization aims to analyse that the inclusion of digitalization linked to virtual realities with different aspects and robotics helps to reduce hospitalization time. Methodologically, a bibliographic review was used, recommending the topic with articles that reference clinically successful research, and a Capes database was used in the search for the retrospective review. It is considered that the production describes the quality and reliability of virtual techniques and the scope of health improvement, which thus corroborates the benefits of organizational understanding in economic and care terms.

Keywords: Robotics. Virtual reality. Augmented reality. Health games

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