Hendro Sudjono Yuwono*, Sadeli Masria, Ismet M. Nur, Andre Akbar Mubarok, Novia Fitri Ramdayanti, Raihan Dzaki, Gina Giptia Humanisa, and Mufid Indra

The Indonesian villagers’ practice of treating injuries using homemade coffee powder in Indonesian coffee plantations was an undeniable history of local wisdom. Since 2003, coffee research in vitro, in experimental animals, and in acute and chronic wounds has shown convincing results. It showed coffee effectiveness, flexible, cheap, easy procedure, safe, and no anesthesia needed. It was sustainable, easy to obtain, not traumatic, and not scary. Coffee is suitable in public health policy for wound healing including scabies dermatitis.

Keywords: coffee powder; effectiveness; public health; wound healing.

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