Benjamin Pelz

CuraMed Akutklinik Allgäu, Doctoral Student at Grand Canyon University
Graduated from: University of Cincinnati (B. Sc.), Lubbock Christian University (M. Sc.), Ball State University (Certificate of Neuropsychology)


This presentation investigates the promising potential of integrating elements from Positive Psychology and Performance Psychology to promote self-acceptance within the realm of Clinical Psychology. In an era where mental health is of paramount importance, there is a growing need to incorporate strategies that extend beyond traditional symptom reduction, towards fostering self-acceptance, resilience, and personal growth. Positive Psychology, with its emphasis on individual strengths and subjective well-being, and Performance Psychology, which focuses on optimizing human potential in challenging contexts, both offer valuable tools to nurture self-acceptance. This presentation will elucidate how these concepts can be seamlessly incorporated into the therapeutic process, amplifying the efficacy of clinical interventions. We will explore the key theories, evidence-based techniques, and relevant case studies that highlight the transformative impact of this combined approach on self-acceptance. By integrating these perspectives into clinical practice, we aim to inspire clinicians to facilitate a more holistic recovery process for their clients. The ultimate objective is to encourage individuals to shift from merely surviving to thriving, by acknowledging their inherent worth, embracing their unique strengths, and leveraging their potential for an enriched life.

Keywords: Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, Performance Psychology, Positive Psychology, Self- Acceptance, Athlete Identity.


Born and raised in Germany, after graduating from High School, he received an athletic scholarship to play football (soccer) in the US. There he received a bachelor`s and master`s degree as well as certifications in Positive Psychology and Neuropsychology. Currently, he is working as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, while working on his PhD in General Psychology with an emphasis on Performance Psychology.

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Benjamin Pelz