Dr. Diana Donatello, MD,

Object: We propose a literature review of ultrasound, computer tomography and magnetic resonance in the differention of ovarian lymphoma and metatstatic neoplasm to ovaries correlate with imagies and tables.
Methods: Review of the literature.
Introduction: Imaging techniques play a fundamental role in the non-invasive evaluation of patients with extranodal lymphoma, both for initial staging and during follow-up and in monitoring the response to treatment. In radiodiagnostics, the means most used in patients with lymphoma are ultrasound, CT, MR and hybrid PET/CT.
Dissussion: Unfortunately, in modern literature there are few sources that highlight the major differences that can be detected by ultrasound, CT and MR between the various primary ovarian malignant diseases and ovarian metastases coming from different sites of primary origin of the tumor. In my work I analyze some of them with figures and tables.
Conclusion: We would underline that the radiological images of a secondary ovarian neoplasm differ from a ovarian lymphoma based on the nature of the primary disease.

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