432 Hertz Relaxation Frequency Music Combined with Beautiful Natural Scenery is better than Sensory Deprivation Torture for the Mentally Ill

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George Gerhab

Hellertown, USA

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George Gerhab
Hellertown, USA
Orcid : 0000-0003-2798-4786

Submitted :7 January 2022 ; Published : 5 February 2022


Why do they put magazines in waiting rooms? Suppose you are alone in a very small waiting room with no magazines nor anything else to provide sensory input and forced to wait there for 20 hours. Sound cruel? Sound unusual? Against your rights? Not for the mentally ill cause they have no rights. This is sensory deprivation torture, and sensitive minds may be driven to suicide and that would be murder.


Nikola tesla was involved in the study of frequency. He proclaimed that to understand the universe and us, you must understand frequency and energy. His 3,6,9 code is a code for frequency ratios that can cause resonance, or the different frequencies that can cause the same resonance. These changing resonating frequencies of brain waves cause the frequencies of sensory input to be recognized. If they’re cut off, the mind panics just like mine did.

Psycho-iatrists insist on torturing the mentally ill. I was one and this is my story, stripped of all rights, tortured by sensory deprivation, treated like an animal, made to eat from cardboard boxes and never asked, even once, how I was feeling.


Aug. 23, 2016 is the date of my hospital stay. PA law states that a lawsuit must be filed within 2 years after the patient realizes the wrong doing.1

The first thing that I did after my realization of my trauma and why was to complain to the Attorney General of PA. The AG’s e-mail confirmation is dated 5/24/18, well within the 2 year limit.
The delay was the direct result of their violation of my patient right to “full information, in layman’s terms, concerning treatment.,” 2No nurse said one word about this, not even so much as “how are you feeling?”3

I was shaking, did not eat or sleep for a few days (a bender). I was taken to St. Luke’s Anderson Campus and because I was diagnosed as bi-polar 35 years ago, they preformed tests on me, Michael Bulette, MD 8/23/16 at 12:17 pm said this about me4 “He is alert. He has normal reflexes. No cranial nerve deficit. Coordination normal. His behavior is normal. Negative for agitation, behavioral problems, confusion, decreased concentration, hallucinations, self-injury and suicidal thoughts. The patient is nervous/anxious. The patient is not hyperactive,” Aaron Ratner, DO stated4 “Bi-polar disorder, current episode depressed, sever without psychotic features.” (these are from early set of medical records, and I cannot find in my later set4)

They took me to a small room (the size of a walk-in closet) that had a stretcher, no nurse button. I looked around found no Tv remote. The walls were blank, there was nothing to see, nothing to watch, nothing to do. I thought that, for sure, that they would give me a Tv remote so that I could relax. But, NO. I had no sensory input at all, no magazines, no deck of cards, no Tv, not even a postage stamp glued to the wall.

They told me that I would be tied down if I complained, so I had to figure another to get Tv.

Christine Baker, RN, 8/23/165 8:12 pm4 “Pt states “this is not my psych issues, this is withdrawal.” This was a very clear and rational statement and yet no remote!

Kay Ebeling 8/23/16 6:30 pm Crisis worker4 She took my shaking hands and pronounced psychotic. She talk to my psychiatrist, Dr. Krisch, who told her that I had suicidal thoughts in the past – 35 years in the and after lithium they disappeared, but nobody bothered to ask or inform me about this violating my patient’s rights to full information2 She lied to me saying that I could be committed if did sign myself in. According to the Baker Act6 to be committed, you must demonstrate that you a danger to yourself or others which I clearly was not(see actual doctors comments above) “full information’ was replaced by misinformation. (I was coming down from a bender)

Obviously, talking to nurses or crisis workers was pointless. I was imprisoned in a room with my visual sense stripped from me. A while after leaving the hospital, I could not get this off of my mind, I was traumatized by the torturous treatment that I received. I suffered under what’s called sensory deprivation7 which is defined as the deliberate reduction or removal of stimuli from one or more of the senses. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled “the use of sensory deprivation amounts to inhumane and degrading treatment.” It is the favorite torture of the CIA8 cause it doesn’t leave marks.

They also violated another one of my patient’s rights2 “Respectful care that reflects consideration of your personal value” I am a theoretical physicist and my published papers are in ERIC.gov, the MIT library, the Harvard library, the internet library, scitations from the AIP, and Research Gate among many others. Degrading is too soft a word. Scitations is spelled correctly!

The Tv remote was given to me at 8:47 am3 the next day (I guess I passed after the damage was done) It was heavy and made out of metal, a good weapon. But, why couldn’t they glue spongy, nerf-like material to make it safe, or why not get a new remote made of soft plastic or just have a nurse turn the Tv on and keep the remote? There was absolutely no reason at all to torture me like this. Insurance reasons, money for mind, I sure hope nothing so horrible can possibly take place.

The rules that were in place were for the comfort of the employees and not the patients. We’re all different. READ THE DOCTOR”S REPORT before torturing the patients.(interesting, but the 7:51am report3 by Aloraane Fenner stated “pt sitting on stretcher. Lights are on. Tv is off.” Knowing full well that I did not have a remote. And this was edited from my latter medical records4 )

About a year and a half after I left the hospital (the second crisis worker discharged me, immediately3) I complained to Eileen Mann, the “quality person”, She listened and sorry a hundred times but saying is not doing. I came up with a great idea the next day. Why not feed in beautiful nature scenery accompanied by relaxation music based on the relaxation frequency of 432Hz. I was anxious to talk to her about this but she adamantly refuse to answer me or get back to me. She finally answer with a cease and desist order and then and then a visit by the police. Humanity is not her strong point.

They used to drill holes in our skulls and castrate males routinely, without permission or anesthesia.
At least I got my balls.

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