Anomalous Magnetic Field – Breast Cancer Cause and Therapeutic Possibilities of Natural Earth Magnetic Field

Article / Research Article

Nikola Trifunovic

Geophysics Graduated Engineer, Belgrade, Serbia

*Corresponding author :

Nikola Trifunovic
Geophysics Graduated Engineer, Belgrade, Serbia
Submitted : 23 September 2020 ; Published : 10 October 2020


Introduction: Earth’s magnetic field (EMF), gravitational field and cosmic radiation characterize biosphere. Magnetic and electromagnetic forces, ruling in it, have great influence upon living world and upon people’s health.
Aim: To prove that anomalous magnetic field (AMF) causes the body viscous magnetization (BVM) in the breast. Then, BVM enables paraoncogene mutation into an oncogene, so a cloned breast cancer appears. To prove that locating the breast cancer patient away from AMF into a natural EMF, along with official medical therapy brings full recovery. Mammography and scintigraphy are clear proof that cancer appears in AMF from external environment helped by BVM. To explain that X rays of mammography and radioactive radiation of scintigraphy cannot create breast cancer. The official risk factors are not breast cancer causes, but are environmental AMF effects.
Method: Magnetic field measurements performed by protonic magnetometer. A three years research included two groups of patients having breast cancer. The first group of 41 patients was observed in AMF. The other group were 26 patients with breast carcinoma with metastases whose health condition was observed.
Results: Health conditions of 41 patients who stayed in AMF during therapy got worse and some died, compared to 26 patients with metastases. Six of the other ones who stayed in natural EMF recovered and are healthy persons, but 20 patients died within three years.
Conclusion: It is found that AMF from the environment makes BVM on breast producing cancer. Locating the diseased person away from AMF into a natural EMF brings recovery, along with medical therapy. Measuring the magnetic field shows a correlation connection between AMF and the body region with the disease. Therapy for all the persons who diseased of this is treated in natural EMF. If it is not possible, it is necessary to remove, to apply hypothermia, but only in natural EMF

Key Words: Earth Magnetic Field; Anomalous Magnetic Field; Body Viscous Magnetization; Breast Cancer


Cancer Appearance Research History: This work’s author had in family cancer diseased persons, what worried him. Talking with doctors he learned that there were two tumor types: benign and malignant, having caused in cancerogenous substances, viruses and physical agents from the environment. Doctor’s comment was: “About cancerogenous substances and viruses causing cancer, we know a lot, but physical agents we know a little.”

This work’s author is a Geophysics graduated engineer who measures Earth physical fields, exploring waters sources and mines. He gets the idea to measure Earth physical fields in houses where cancer diseased persons live and gets interesting results, so he starts studying medical-biological literature intensively. Spaces where a diseased organ is located during sleeping were with high (not natural) Earth magnetic field (EMF) intensity.

It is known that the biosphere is characterized by EMF, gravitational field and cosmic radiation and that magnetic and electromagnetic forces rule in biosphere having great influence upon living world, therefore, upon human health too. Immediately, the work’s aim is made: to measure magnetic fields in the bed where cancer appeared.

  1. By magnetic fields measuring to prove that anomalous magnetic field (AMF) from environment is located on breast in bed during sleeping.
  2. Show that AMF from environment formed body viscous magnetization (BVM) on or in the breast, depending on magnetic fields influence vector’s direction in bed.
  3. Prove that BVM enables paraoncogene mutation transforming into oncogene generating generates cloned breast cancer.
  4. Prove that moving the diseased person away from the AMF into natural EMF brings recovery and getting healthy.
  5. Document that breast cancer cause is only AMF from environment and effects are official risk factors.
  6. Show that mammography (breast soft tissue recording radiology techniques) functioning and scintigraphy (diagnostic method for radiopharmacy distribution recording in body registered by gamma camera giving scintigram) are AMF existence clear proof, creating, firstly, BVM in organism, so breast soft tissues get higher density and paramagnetics (tumor markers) concentration increases concentrating radiopharmacy, too.

Measuring AMF in beds where breast cancer diseased sleep it is found that EMF are unnatural appeared from the present remnant and induced magnetism, paramagnetics and electromagnetic fields in the room called AMF. AMF is measured by proton magnetometer, 100 nT (nanoteslas) punctuality. AMF are located in the breast where, according to magnetization laws, appears BVM. These are conditions for gene mutation when paraoncogene becomes oncogene. AMF measurements in breast cancer diseased’ beds lasted for several years. It is found that there no breast cancer appears in natural EMF. The conclusion is that every cancer cause is AMF from the environment.

It is repeated: in medical literature, it is read that cancer appears for three causes: cancerogenous substances, viruses and physical agents from the environment and that official medical science the least knows about physical agents. So, magnetic and electromagnetic measurements in living spaces started and lasted for over 30 years. For all cancer types, measurements of magnetic and electromagnetic fields are performed by proton magnetometer. It is, immediately, found that cancer appears in AMF from the environment. Thousands of various cancer types and various organs diseased persons’ dwelling spaces are measured. After a large number of diseased it is concluded that there is no cancer without AMF and variable magnetic fields which give malignancy intensity.

This paper’s author, studying medical literature, finds out that cancer is a cell gone wild dividing endlessly, destroying an organ and even an organism [1], and that medical science knows not what the promoter of a mother cell dividing into two baby cells is, and discovers that it is an EMF [2], fully clear association. AMF is, firstly, BVM on an organ, or its part, cause (increased tumor marker concentration, i.e. paramagnetic substances). Everything became clear: every cancer cause is AMF and variable magnetic field of environment, to be explained and proven. This paper shows the breast cancer origin and suggests the best therapy helped by natural EMF. Note: AMF measurements of all cancer types give the same conclusion as for breast cancer. Study of literature about cancer only confirms that every cancer originates in environmental AMF, to be documented in the following text. Density of breast tissue measured by mammography, is significantly increased (because increased BVM magnetic properties, according to magnetism law, increase tissue density). Radiopharmacy scintigraphy, i.e. distribution in the breast and lymph nodes (radiopharmacy is a distinct paramagnetic), locates tissue increased magnetic properties in breast and, also, secondary on lymph nodes because BVM magnetic properties have expanded. These two measurement types clearly indicate that AMF from the environment enabled increased breast density due to BVM, and paramagnetic substance concentration was due to AMF in the breast space. Thus, conditions were created for breast cancer development, that is, for paraoncogene to mutate into an oncogene. This happens very easily in a breast cell containing encoded sequences that build nucleotides and these build genes and even a paraoncogene that has hydrogen which gets easily torn, so structural formula easily mutates, i.e. changes chemical bonds, because gamma radiation present always exists, for example in cosmic radiation, and gamma quanta have stronger energy ejecting hydrogen bond from paraoncogene and the already created BVM, with higher magnetic properties (MP), rotates the structural formula of paraoncogene to mutate into an oncogene.

BVM cells have increased MP, oncogene starts accelerating division helped by increased MP, which are cells division promoters, and it is cells, cancer which can, through lymph and blood, move around a body. The closest are lymph nodes where AMF has increased MP to lymph nodes representing breast cancer metastasis to lymph nodes [3]. It should be emphasized here that metastases cannot occur if BVM has not, first, formed under the influence of AMF from environment in some organ or part of organ, because these cells have increased MP and primary tumor cells have, also, increased MP, so, when they reach the created BVM and from bloodstream or lymph they attach by magnetic forces and begin to function as metastases.

Three groups of persons with breast cancer were included. The first group consisted of 30 patients aged from 21 to 65, whose health condition was partially followed in AMF. The second group consisted of 26 patients with metastases, aged from 22 to 64 years. Health condition was followed about 20 patients in AMF, their therapy was in accordance with official medicine protocol. The third group was especially followed for more than 5 years, it was a group of breast cancer with metastases, 6 of them, located to live in natural EMF, the therapy of 3 patients was according to the official medicine protocol. To these patients were added 3 patients who lived in natural EMF and accepted official medical therapy, while the other 3 from natural EMF refused the official treatment protocol, only one accepted local breast and underarm on the lymph node surgery, all other therapy she refused, she was a specialist doctor at the Clinical Center of Serbia and accepted life in a natural EMF. The fifth and sixth patients refused any medical therapy and accepted only life in natural EMF. One patient treated by Dr. oncologist was told to take breast surgery urgently, and provided her with a place at Oncology Institute. She refused and left the hospital, accepting to live in a natural EMF which the author determined by measuring. After 2 years, she comes to her doctor for a check-up, and the doctor wonders how is it possible that the cancer with metastases has completely disappeared. When the doctor asked what she was doing, she showed her the name and surname of this paper’s author. Another patient was, a few years ago, a patient of a doctor whose wife had breast cancer. The doctor remembered his former patient who refused any treatment for breast cancer with lymph node metastases. The doctor provided oncologists to operate her, but she escaped from hospital. As she had this paper’s author address, she called him and asked to make arrangement in her apartment, what was done. After three years, she came for a check-up to her doctor, who determined that she was completely healthy. The doctor’s comment was that in his 30 years practice, he had never had such an experience. He asked what was she doing and she gave him this paper author data saying what had been done in her apartment. Then, the doctor finds the author because of his diseased wife, asking him to measure AMF in his flat and make arrangements, what is done. Interestingly, the doctor says that he does not believe in author’s explanation about the benefits of sleeping in natural AMF, but adds that he has no other solution but to measure the living space where his wife spends day and night in natural EMF, what is done. What happened next – not known, because the connection was off.

Studying the etiopathological literature, one comes to the conviction that the official risk factors are only the consequence of AMF and cancer cause is AMF from the environment, being obvious in the results.


Cancer causes, research has lasted for over 30 years, including AMF measurements and finding correlations in AMF space and diseased organ or its partial location in the body. Thousands of cases are measured and there is no disease created in natural EMF. The Examples presented in this paper are few because the author thinks that a large number of examples presentations does not affect the work’s quality, but the measured cases number is absolutely exact and affects the conclusion. The second breast cancer diseased with metastases results is various. 20 patients passed away after 3 years, living in AMF and treated according to the official medicine protocol. At the same time, 6 patients (third group) living in natural EMF, live for over 20 years and no one has recidives, being absolutely healthy today. It has, also, been shown, by mammography and scintigraphy, that breast cancer cause is AMF, so the best therapy is to place the diseased to live and sleep in natural EMF. Official risk factors are the present AMF effects and not breast cancer causes, to be shown.

Based on the third group of 6 patients with metastases treatment, it can be stated that recovery limit heightens very much, because breast cancer diseases depend on the phase when it has been diagnosed, what is official medical science’s opinion. Results presented in this paper clearly suggest that cancer phases should not be taken into consideration, as well as palliative treatment, but all the cancer diseased should be treated, including surgery (to remove whatever cancer mass), then to apply hyperthermia, but only in natural EMF. Again, all the diseased together with those planned for palliative treatment, should be moved away from AMF. The hardest ones should be treated, apart from classical methods, applying hyperthermia, but only in natural EMF, what will, surely, drastically reduce cancer caused mortality. The highest incidence (greater than 50%) of breast cancer is women older than 65, but a significant number are diagnosed with breast cancer younger than 35, the data indicate that this limit is lowering every year. These findings suggest that breast cancer cause is only AMF from the environment being increasingly present in the living environment. Because phones, fixed and mobile, earphones, computers, televisions, printers are increasingly used. Also, houses with armature and home furniture’s 90% made of ferromagnetic and paramagnetic materials, complete living space electrification are a great AMF and variable MF generator, what nobody pays attention to, it is a real wonder that there are no more disease cases. Most probably, it is because people move around a lot when magnetic fields and variable direction vectors enable BVM disappearance from organs or their parts located in environmental AMF. According to medical criteria, breast cancer depends on the stage at which the disease is detected. The results presented in this paper suggest that they must be set differently in relation to the stages of disease, when we know that the breast cancer cause is AMF from the environment. That is, there are no restrictions concerning the disease stage, but, it is repeated, palliative patients must be treated, too, what will drastically reduce the cancer mortality number.


AMF measurements confirm the correlation between AMF and the body region affected by malignant breast disease. It is found that AMF from environment, create BVM on and in the body, producing pathological conditions. It is known that in structural, chemical formulas, genes are weakly bound by hydrogen bonds and are easily disconnected, for example, by cosmic radiation, where gamma quanta have high motion energy that can easily break the hydrogen bond, happening constantly, and hydrogen return is often restored in equilibrium position. However, AMF, formed from environment, forms BVM in the body, has stronger magnetic properties which, with their magnetic forces, rotate the structural formula of the gene, occurs mutation and formation of an oncogene, what stimulates the development of cancer, clonally. It is proven that moving the patients away from AMF and placing in natural EMF leads to their full recovery.

Six persons from the third group with metastases who recovered were followed. Additional explanation: it can be stated that the applied therapy for malignant breast disease with metastases is living in natural EMF. It should, also, be emphasized that there is no time limit for breast cancer treatment, but it is treated in the advanced stage, too, in natural EMF, as well as palliative patients should be treated the same.

  1. Medical-literary ambiguities are briefly presented, explained by the author, and there is literature explaining many ambiguities.
  2. Risk factor is that female breast cancer is 100 times more frequent than in men because women breast configuration allows faster cancer because the AMF intensity decreases from r to 3 or from r to 4, because the breasts are bulging, i.e. closer to AMF source.
  3. Breast cancer increases with age. Telomeres with cell division are getting thinner, cell nuclei are gaining weaker magnetic properties, meaning that the whole body has less magnetic properties, as well as cells of the immune system [6] and lower AMF intensity becomes more carcinogenic, so, the immune system weakens in the body’s defences.
  4. Genetics and family history – genetics is irrelevant, but the habit of living in AMF is the main cause, because apartments and houses have the same AMF and all users are equally endangered by AMF. Habit of staying in AMF has been very often with diseased, what is proven through experiments.
  5. Show why diabetes (sugar) and smoking numerous diseases risk factors. Glucose and tobacco smoke are paramagnetics raising blood magnetic properties that add up to AMF, so total AMF is stronger, making AMF lots of disease causes, which are a lot, and they are CVD [4], diabetes 1 and 2 [5], autoimmune diseases and immune system [6], mental diseases [7], and others.
  6. Explain how cancer risk factors are misrepresented in literature, like radioactive radiation and sunbathing, which are not carcinogenic. Radioactive elements are paramagnetics, and cancer development requires a long AMF action in peace, while these substances use is short, so they have no time to make BVM, therefore, cannot be carcinogenic. By sunbathing, body gets an elevated temperature and, sleeping in bed where AMF is present, the part of the body with a higher temperature gets a natural temperature and body thermoremanent magnetization, appearing, only, in AMF (stronger than BVM). Skin melanoma conditions are created.
  7. Medical science states that viruses are cancer cause, what is incorrect. Even Nobel’s prizes were given to scientists who claimed that viruses were cancer cause. The truth is: viruses have their magnetic properties because they are made in EMF. By entering an organism they connect to appropriate receptors of a host cell. Since magnetic properties are additive they increase, so immune cyst with its defending cells (leukocytes, T, B and macrophages) destroy the intruder, being usual immune system function [6]. If AMF is present magnetic properties increase much more, so immune system cannot eliminate the intruder, that is why leukocytes deficit occurs. Then virus revives in high AMF, replicates, increases AMF even more, enables BVM creation, here is condition for cancer appearance. The Conclusion is clear: remove AMF from dwelling rooms, then is performs successfully its defending function. Conclusion is: AMF is every cancer cause.

Note: All the presented is in accordance with corona virus, what is published in two works in USA [8,9], and one in India [10].

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