Cancer Cure – The Protocol and Explanation

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Andrew Hague

Founder and Chairman of CellSonic Ltd, UK

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Andrew Hague, Founder and Chairman of CellSonic Ltd, UK, E-mail:
Submitted : 8 June 2020 ; Published : 3 August 2020


Discovering the cure for cancer. Understanding the cause of cancer. Diagnosing by measuring electrical properties. A plan to check the whole population to prevent deaths from cancer.

The first case: Our distributor in Bangladesh had been hardworking and loyal for many years. When he asked for help with his prostate cancer, I knew I had to do something. It was his last chance. The first question for me was, would using CellSonic be safe? We know that this technology, in various forms, had been applied in much more powerful blasts on to kidney stones for forty years in all countries with millions of patients and never a report of causing cancer.

My involvement with urology began with the first lithotripter in Britain at St Thomas’ Hospital in London in 1987. By now I have probably been in this industry longer than anyone else in the world so I know it inside out, all the scandals and where the truth lies and one fact stood out – cancer was never caused. We all know that bad news travels fast and of all the rumours and stories going around, cancer was never mentioned. We could not get better than forty years of safety trials.

The second question was, would CellSonic do any good? There was a hypothesis that pressure kills cancer. It was worth a try. Kidney stones are broken by pressure non-invasively [1]. I developed a protocol, briefed our team in Mumbai and invited the patient. He eventually got visas for his wife and himself and he arrived looking more dead than alive. The next morning, he had the first treatment. Three hundred pulses at energy level 4. The machine fires at four a second so the whole session took only a few minutes. There was no pain and the only problem was embarrassment because the treatment has to be around the genitals. My suggestion was that the treatment be repeated every two days in case some parts were missed on the previous session. I telephoned on the third day. The doctor immediately replied because he had just finished the second treatment. He said the patient was feeling better. I did not believe him. Recovery so soon was not expected. Joking about a killer disease was not ethical and I said so. He handed the phone to the patient.
“Hello Andrew, I am better now.”
I was furious.
“Don’t joke! You were dying last week. Are you going mad?”
“No. I’m fine. Feel a lot better. There has been a change.”

I could not believe it. He and he his wife spent the afternoon walking around the zoo enjoying themselves. Two days later he had another treatment, which we now know was unnecessary, and the following week blood tests confirmed that his cancer had gone. We have full medical documentation before and after the treatments.

The Mumbai team carried out cancer treatments on more patients with the same results; on the third day the patient proclaimed they were alright. What was happening was evident. How is was happening was still to be explained. The most sceptical of all was me. This was my money and reputation at stake.

Electrical Properties
Nevertheless, I had to talk about it. Treatments using the same protocol were done in Peru, Germany, Switzerland and Mexico and they all had the same results. It gave us a broad range of cancers including brain tumours. We were learning and when I lectured at a university in England to the professors of the electro-medical faculty, they too became excited. I had found the cure; they had the diagnosis. They were measuring the permittivity of tissue which highlighted the difference between healthy cells and cancer. This was a sort of resistance and it could be detected electrically.

What we were doing was switching the electrical polarity of the cells back to the correct alignment. Instead of replicating mutant cells, CellSonic VIPP caused the cells to simply replicate themselves correctly. The insight was that electrical properties of cancer cells are the clue to the cure [2].

Go back to the beginning. Before life on earth. Outside the earth, up in the heavens is the ionosphere. In it is the Appleton layer, identified by Edward Appleton, one of Britain’s greatest scientists [3]. From this layer is emitted an electro-magnetic field of 7.83 Hertz as calculated in 1952 by Otto Schuman [4]. Even before any life on earth, there was an electro-magnetic field into which all life grew. Therefore, electrical properties of cells are fundamental and surprisingly ignored by medicine of the last century.

The plan
Immediately I saw that we had moved from a medical problem to a commercial and educational problem. Explaining to oncologists that cancer could not be cured by drugs because it is not a bio-chemical problem would either take years or be impossible. The only way forward is to prove by demonstration. At least we have the evidence of patients.
CellSonic is now upscaling the diagnostic prototype so that all people can be checked at six monthly intervals. If any cancer is found before that person is aware, it can be stopped by a quick zap from the CellSonic VIPP machine. The target is to diagnose and cure in twenty minutes.

Cancer cannot be prevented. It is the inevitable result of trillions of cells replicating continuously and some mistakenly mutating. Those mutations, we call cancer. The immune system is there to knock out the incipient cancers and for those of us who stay healthy, that is how we survive. Present the immune system with something too difficult, like a lung full of tobacco tar, and cancers continue to grow.

We know all the causes of cancer and to the list must be added electrical fields. Many more power cables are around us than before and this affects our bodies. Further research has to be done to know what is safe or not. An interesting study has confirmed that a smartphone conversation lasting beyond six minutes with the phone to the ear will be damaging the brain.

Over three million street corner, drop-in clinics are needed world-wide to carry out the diagnose and cure programme. This is a huge undertaking for which CellSonic now has the plans and finance. No one should die of cancer. Of course, we shall die of other causes whilst cancer will be the disease that can be stopped before it becomes fatal. Importantly, only the local clinic will hold data on the patient. There will be no central data bank available to hackers.

Appendix 1

CellSonic Cancer Cure

The patient must not be taking any cancer drugs, especially not chemotherapy or radiation. If the patient has had any cancer drugs there must be a gap of at least four weeks before CellSonic can be used.

The effect of the VIPP will open the cells which would allow poisonous cancer drugs to invade and kill the patient.

The CellSonic VIPP treatment of cancer must not be combined with any other drugs.

The patient must not smoke, drink alcohol, take any stimulants or eat red meat.

A vegetarian diet is recommended with vitamin B17 known to be especially beneficial.
There are five effects of VIPP which may be at work on cancer:

    1. When the RNA of unhealthy (mutated) cells are hit by the shockwaves they replicate in profusion without mutating and this can only be caused by very intense pressure pulses (VIPP), not drugs.
    2. Cancer is defined as an electrical fault with healthy cells showing a permittivity value of 3.2 and cancer 9.6.
    3. Pressure kills cancer and CellSonic VIPP projects a high, fast pressure pulse.
    4. Fungus may be a cause of cancer and CellSonic VIPP kills fungus.
    5. Infections in a cell causes cancer and CellSonic VIPP kills infection.

Apply 300 shocks to each tumour at energy level 4 with an infinity shock head.

There should be no more than three treatments and ideally only one treatment. If the doctor feels more treatments are needed, please contact to discuss the situation.

When treating the brain, apply only one treatment. Observe the patient for a few days and then discuss with CellSonic before another treatment. This is because of the absence of chalones.

The above instructions are important. If in any doubt please refer to CellSonic Limited for advice.

Appendix 2

From Dr Steve Haltiwanger
When you educated me on the fact that CellSonic not only produced sound waves but also CellSonic produces a short duration, high powered electrical field it looks more likely that you have created a nonsurgical form of irreversible electroporation using a combination of sound waves PLUS a high powered electric field. The combination of VIPP sound and high powered electrical fields have never been combined before to my knowledge to treat cancer. Noble prize work if you can live to collect it. This is a paradigm-breaking disruptive technology. WOW!

I think we now have a good working theory to explain why VIPP works in cancer.

In my opinion, it is the combined effect of sound and electric field that produces the unique effects of VIPP. If you take away the short duration (nanosecond- maybe) electrical field and just use sound waves or a slower rise time electrical field you will not see the same effects – which is why your technology is different from your competitors.


Stopping cancer with the CellSonic technique is a breakthrough. The procedure is safe. The same technology has been used on kidney stones for forty years on millions of patients in all countries with no reports of causing or spreading cancer. By diagnosing the electrical properties of cancerous tissue and immediately treating it to change the behaviour of the cells, it becomes possible to check everyone regularly so that cancer is stopped before the patient is aware of it. In other words, cancer has been conquered.

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