Enhancing and Directing the Placebo Effect

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George Gerhab

Hellertown, USA

*Corresponding author :

George Gerhab
OrchidID : 0000-0003-2798-4786
Submitted :15 February 2021 ; Published : 2 March 2021


Phase 3 0f Pfizer’s covid vaccine contained 40,000 test subjects. 20,000 were given the real vaccine and 20,000 had their placebo (the ability of the body to heal itself) tricked into thinking that they got the real vaccine. After a while, they all were injected with the covid-19 virus. Only 95 out of 20,000 in the placebo group got ill.
A French physician in the 1920’s treated his patients with self-hypnosis and had 98% cure rate. I believe that his method found a way to enhance and direct people’s placebo so that no medicine was needed.

To win FDA approval for one of their medications, a drug company must test it against a placebo and win. The placebo can cure test patients without any real medication at all. The mind, believing that its medication is real, can heal and cure the body of nearly every disease.

The unconscious mind is at work here.
A French physician, Pierre Janet (1859-1947), treated his patients by having them perform self-hypnosis on themselves. Self-hypnosis, by having a direct line of communication to the unconscious, can enhance and strengthen this placebo effect and direct its strength to the patient’s particular illness.

Self-hypnosis is easy, takes only 10 minutes, is perfectly safe and is very effective. Since you are in control, the absolute worse that can happen is that you would fall asleep for a few minutes. Do not try self-hypnosis if you are tired or taking any drug that affects the mind, cause it won’t work.

This is a relaxation technique, and does not put into a hypnotic trance, but rather relaxes your mind and allows your conscious to communicate with your subconscious.

Here are step by step instructions

  1. lay down or recline, close your eyes and relax
  2. Relax every part of your body: for example say to yourself “legs relax, legs relax, become completely relaxed, relax” feel your legs relaxing then continue this for your arms, stomach, chest and mind. End with “my body and mind are relaxed (repeat)
  3. next, say to yourself “I will now count from 1 to 10 and, as I count I will fall deeper and deeper into sleep” (repeat)
  4. Start counting like this: “One, relax and sleep (repeat) Two, relax and sleep deeper and deeper” count to 10 this way and try feeling like you’re going down in an elevator. Do this slowly and not fast. By the time you get to 10 you should be deep enough to make your suggestions (you don’t have to be very deep)
  5. 5) Everyone’s suggestions will differ. The suggestions should be short, positive and goal oriented. For example, if you have a specific illness or ailment, say X, it might be “My illness, X, is completely cured” don’t say being cured say cured, its goal oriented. Another suggestion could be “I am in perfect health” This method can also help addictions but don’t try any weird suggestions.
  6. Don’t eat two hours before or two hours after since digestion interferes
  7. Perform self-hypnosis once or twice a day

A true story in the book that I read: a teenage girl was dying and no physician knew why. The French physician taught her self-hypnosis and, in less than a month she was perfectly healthy. You don’t even have to know what you have and still be cured. This method has been proven by a 40 year career of a French physician from the 1920’s.

The French doctor also gave his patients a packet of placebo pills, and hypnotized them to teach them how to do it and how it would feel.

Diet is important for speed of recovery. I recommend the rainbow diet from the book, “The Edge Effect” by Eric Braverman

The effect of this practice is not immediate. It takes a little time for the unconscious mind to take holds and gather information and come up with a solution. But, the more you present it with your goals, through self-hypnosis, the stronger your mind gets, and the more that it knows. The stronger it gets, and the more that it knows, its strength and knowledge just grows and grows. The healing power becomes exponential and starts functioning in an incredibly strong and efficient manner, all in favor of your health!

No ailment or illness could possibly stand up to it.

There is a whole book of evidence that back’s me up. I read it 45 years ago and don’t remember the title or the author.

49 years or two pack a day smoking and my SO2 is 99% and my chest x-rays are clear

My liver was diagnosed as 3 fingers too large and my bi-clonal gammopathy was .44, 5 weeks later, the CAT scan said my liver was “unremarkable” and my blood test said my gamopathy was .22 which the doctor said was remarkable.

My HDL got to 123 and LDL to 41 and A1C was at 5.4,

My SO2 was shown on the wall, it read 97, I thought 98 and it went to 98, then I thought 99 and it went to 99, then 100, 99, 98,97,96,95 but it would not go below 95 no matter how hard I tried.

My psychiatrist thinks I cured myself of bi-polarism with my method and helped him cure himself of prostate cancer

I’ve cured numerous tooth-aches, teeth can be healed

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