Gravitational Waves Utilization in Clinical Practice

Article / Case Report

Sofica Bistriceanu, MD, Ph.D.

Academic Medical Unit –CMI Dr. Bistriceanu, S., NT, ROU.
APHC [Academy for Professionalism in Health Care],
EPCCS [European Primary Care Cardiovascular Society]

*Corresponding author :

Sofica Bistriceanu, MD, Ph.D.
APHC [Academy for Professionalism in Health Care],
EPCCS [European Primary Care Cardiovascular Society].

Submitted : 23 November 2023; Published : 12 December 2023


The human body’s energetic picture interacts with all surrounding energies, influencing its functionality. Gravitational waves significantly impact the distribution of body fluids according to the body position: standing, sitting, kneeling, or lying down. This must be taken into consideration in clinical practice when necessary.


Highlight the potential of using gravitational waves to improve medical outcomes by optimizing body positioning.

Material & Method

A qualitative study was conducted in the author’s office during the summer of 2023 to manage diseases that cause a sudden drop in blood pressure.


A 55-year-old patient was diagnosed with an Allergy of unknown cause in a severe form during his visit to a Medical Centre.

The physical examination revealed extensive inflammatory lesions on all anatomical parts of the patient’s body.

The patient’s blood pressure and heart rate could not be measured using an electronic device.

Actions were taken

The physician managed the situation using medicines; after two hours, the patient attempted to sit and stand but fell, presenting intense cyanosis, eyes turning upwards, and legs in extension and contracting. The family doctor promptly ordered the patient’s legs to be moved vertically and administered medications. As a result, the patient regained consciousness and transitioned to a stable hemodynamic state. The family doctor called an ambulance and transferred the patient to the hospital.


The clinical outcomes improved within hours, and no other heart dysfunctions were found.


Gravitational waves and medicines used in critical moments save a life.


The utilization of gravitational waves in clinical practice has proven to be effective in certain cases. For instance, catecholamine production is depleted in patients with sudden inflammation affecting all anatomical parts. As a result, the recovery process, which involves restoring the average level of catecholamine production requires more time. Utilizing the power of gravitational waves to quickly direct the blood flow through the central nervous system by modifying the patient’s body position and substituting the deficit of catecholamine production can lead to successful therapy.