Nikola Tesla’s Theory of Frequency Ratios (369) that Produce Resonances Can Explain How Self Hypnosis can strengthen and Direct the Placebo Effect

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George Gerhab

Hellertown, USA

*Corresponding author :

George Gerhab
Hellertown, USA

Submitted :4 Jun 2021 ; Published : 20 Jun 2021


Pfizer used 20,000 subjects in the placebo group for Covid vaccinations. When injected with the virus, only 95 of the 20,000 test subjects got sick. A French physician in the 1920’s used self hypnosis to treat his patients and had a 98% cure rate. I believe he found a way to strengthen the placebo (the ability of the mind to heal the body) so that medicine was obsolete.


Paper: Nichola Tesla said, “To understand the universe, you must understand frequency and energy”
Tesla’s 369 code is a code of frequency ratios that create resonances.
(base frequency, 3) 2(base frequency, 6) 3(base frequency, 9) and 1.5(second frequency, 9) (3/3)f, (6/3)f, (9/3)f, (9/6)f
The frequencies of our brain waves almost fits perfectly with Tesla’s 369 code

Γ 35Hz, concentration, problem solving, neurotransmitter dopamine
.β 12 Hz – 35Hz (35 almost 3(12)) anxiety, active, external attention, neurotransmitter acetylcholine.
.α 8Hz-12Hz (12 = 1,5(8)) very relaxed, passive attention, neurotransmitter GABA
.θ 4Hz – 8Hz (8 = 2(4)) deeply relaxed, inward focus – level where self hypnosis does best
.δ, 5Hz – 4Hz sleep, serotonin

Self hypnosis is a relaxation technique to reach either α or θ, the conscious must be there all the time. Too deep gets you into δ regular sleep, mostly for 10 minutes.

Hypnosis from a hypnotist freezes the conscious, so you can only him and not yourself. This is called a trance and there is no trance involved in self hypnosis.

You start by laying down, closing your eyes and relax. To yourself, tell each part of your body to relax: “Legs, relax, legs, relax” etc until each part of your body is relaxed. Then, say to yourself, “I will now count from 1 to 10, and as I count I will fall deeper into sleep” “One, relax and sleep, relax and sleep” and so on to 10. You should now be ready for your suggestions which must be positive and goal oriented. “I am cured of my illness X” or “I am in perfect health” To wake up open your eyes.

By relaxing your mind to lower frequencies, the higher frequencies won’t interfere and can then be used to create resonances from your suggestions. Plus lower frequencies will create more resonances. 4Hz can resonate with 8Hz, 12Hz, then 12Hz can resonate with 24Hz and 36Hz and each base frequency would have its own set of resonating frequencies according to the 369 code.

Resonating waves are more powerful than normal waves. Your suggestions will be carried out in powerful resonating waves. The effects are not immediate, the subconscious needs time to figure it out (it’s only human you know) but once it starts, it grows and grows, exponentially. No illness can stand up to it.

Whatever frequencies are introduced in the brain (by senses, memory, thought, or suggestions) will cause a set of resonating brain waves according to Tesla’s theory. Only resonating waves are strong enough to produce action or thought. Other frequencies dissipate.

A neuron has to be stimulated in order to emit a signal. If the frequency of its stimulous is equal to one of the 369 code resonant frequencies that the neuron emits, that would be stimulated emission. This is the laser (light amplification by stimulated emission radiation) works and the resulting power of the mind would be enormous.
Self hypnosis can help your mind achieve laser power with pinpoint accuracy.


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