Reiteration of Bad Memories Declines Heart Function

Article / Case Report

Sofica Bistriceanu, MD, Ph.D

Academic Medical Unit –CMI Dr. Bistriceanu, S., NT, ROU.
APHC [Academy for Professionalism in Health Care], EPCCS [European Primary Care Cardiovascular Society].

*Corresponding author :

Sofica Bistriceanu, MD, Ph.D.
APHC [Academy for Professionalism in Health Care],
EPCCS [European Primary Care Cardiovascular Society]
Submitted : 20 September 2023 ; Published : 11 October 2023


Blood vessel activity responds to various internal and external stimuli, and mental training influences it.


Highlight thoughts’ energy effect on the blood vessel functioning.

Material & Method

Qualitative study performed by the author in the community, 2019 to 2023, relating to stressful life events’ effects on people’s health.


In 2019, a patient, 89, experienced the death of her daughter, 64, and in 2021 the death of her son-in-law, 68. After that, the patient was often seen in public with her face covered by tears. One day in December 2022, the patient presented more fatigue and could not perform daily activities. Decreased blood pressure, 95/68 mmHg, and heart rate, 62, noticed on the screen of an electronic device to monitor cardiac activity. The patient called her family doctor.

Patient’s medical history: cholecystectomy, 1970.
Patient’s family health history: parents, brother: hypertension.

Actions were taken: family doctor recommended she monitor heart function in the hospital, but the patient disagreed. The physician used drugs, behaviour change information, and communication skills to manage the situation. She informed another patient’s daughter about the emotional life significance for disease evolution; more attentiveness, compassion, and encouragement proved beneficial for disease evolution.


Clinical outcomes improved in ten days; no relapse was reported.


Persistent bad memories decline heart function in a vulnerable patient; good communication and heartening info improve disease evolution.


Repetitive improper thought energy alters blood flow through the cells and declines their role. Mental training is needed to accomplish desired outcomes. Educational programs are necessary.