Schizophrenia and the Peter Pan Syndrome : Two faces of the Same Piece

Article / Opinion Article

Florent Pirot

Independent Researcher, Valbonne, France

*Corresponding author :

Florent Pirot
Independent Researcher

Submitted :01 February 2022 ; Published : 21 March 2022

Schizophrenia and the Peter Pan Syndrome can be defined as a single disease. It relies on dependence creation and maintaining through socialism or the family environment by exploitation of rituals that allow to benefit from its welfare.

Schizophrenia relies on the inner destruction of the brain with, usually, alpha emitters, or solar neutrons, or other cytotoxic products so to enter into the criteria of a social welfare benefit. The association with meateating is extremely strong as the passerelle between the gut and the brain is neurologically short through the dorsal spine. There is an addictive disorder relying on the research of digestive products with alpha emitters that can also contaminate the brain and allow the destruction of the memories that the individual subject wants to eliminate.

The cases Pirot(2020), Pirot (2021) studied by the author show at all times the conformation with the Peter Pan Syndrome. The purpose of the behaviour is at all times associated with the maintaining of the discussions, of the subjects dealt within these discussions in a range that allows infantility. The refusal to understand scientifical topics is particularly strong and vivid and definitive.

The subjects that fully convinced themselves of the validity of the infantile culture they have decided to bath in through that intensive self-brainwashing bind themselves to the fate of the cattle they eat. The cells of these animals get indeed extremely frequently into the human organism to replace human cells, in particular thanks to the action of the anxyolitic and neuroleptic drugs used both by schizophrenia subjects and in the cattle industry, as well as by Peter Pan syndrome subjects.

The desire to get neuroleptics / anxyolitics and welfare through self-destruction of the brain, in schizophrenia is in itself a principled rationale of the addictive disorder that is polymorphic but always related to the self-destruction of the brain together with meat digestion. It is indeed factually but essentially linked to the fate of the cattle.

The commonality of alcoholism in Peter Pan syndromes (Winograd et al., 2021; Kirby & Horn, 2020) as well as in schizophrenia (as noted in (Archibald et al., 2019) and also observed by the author) confirms as well the intrinsic link with the process of self-destruction of the brain that alcohol fosters in various ways, by offering a rapid pseudoanswer to the internal contamination with alpha emitters that on the long term bolsters it (sugars feeding proliferation of tissues around alpha emitting nanoparticulates, encroaching them in the body longer – alcoholism is always fostered by internal contamination with alpha emitters – see (Pirot, 2021)), and by almost always or always as well bringing in more alpha emitters in addition to the preexisting internal contamination which it secures in.

Centrally, in these syndromes, the comparison with the thermonuclear bomb is descriptive : the alpha emitters are the fissile part and the psychoactive drugs used along (be it cannabis, LSD, frankincense, or other synthetic products with a volatile nature) the fusion component. In other words the bomb can work without the fusion component, but always needs the fissile part. The chemical nature of psychoactive drugs, be them natural or synthetic, is identical in nature to the lithium-beryllium mix (or similar) that is the Ullam component of a thermonuclear bomb, whereas the alpha emitters internalized by the subject are akin to the elements of the fissile part whose supercriticity is a prerequisite of the fusion threshold overreaching.

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