Rzig Ramzi1*, Minyar Mnakri2 and Nidhal Ben Khedher3

In porous media, heat and mass transfer is a classical model of transport and it is one of the most energy-intensive industrial processes with a wide variety of applications. This present paper is developed in order to explain the coupled heat and mass transfer that arise during drying process. A free mesh generator Gmsh is used and a 3-D unstructured Control Volume Finite Element Method (CVFEM) is employed to simulate the transport phenomena with a convective drying. Several simulation results, that depict the transport phenomenon inside a porous brick are presented and analyzed. Indeed, thanks to this numerical model, we can observe the three-dimensional distribution of temperature, liquid saturation and pressure during double partition brick drying.

Keywords : CVFEM ; Double partition brick ; Drying ; Gmsh ; Porous media

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