Bashir Ahmad Barakzaie1*, Shiralam Bagrami2, Mohammad Shfi Kakar3

Aims: Drugs’ reaction is common, it occurs in almost 10-20% of hospitalized patients and 7% of general population. The severity varies from self- limiting to life threatening conditions. This study aims to evaluate the prognoses of SJS/ TEN due to paracetamol intake during September -November of 2014 in dermatology department of Herat Regional Hospital- Afghanistan.
Methods/Methodology: A case series prospective cross sectional study was designed to evaluates the condition of 3 patients who were admitted to the hospital due to oral paracetamol intake.
Results: Out of 3 patients, 2 were male and 1 was female. Average age of the patients was 21.3±12.8 (M, SD), the average distance between clinical symptoms and hospital admission was 3±0.3 (M, SD). Involvement of at least 2 mucosal site (eyes, urogenital, and mouth) seen in all 3 cases. Hb was lower than normal range in 2 cases and in normal level in one. LFT was high in one patient and thrombocytosis also seen in the same patient, while both these parameters were in normal level in the other 2 patients. The causative medicine was confirmed to be paracetamol in 2 patients and suspected in 1. Average BSA involvement and epidermal detachment were 70% and 30%, respectively.
Conclusion: this study shows that even by taking a simple OTC medicine such as paracetamol, fatal conditions as SJS/TEN might occur.
Keywords : Drug Reaction, SJS, Paracetamol, life threatening.

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