Saeed Reza Hormozi Jangi

The fast development of nanoscience and material chemistry has increased interest in researching new and innovative synthesis methods to produce new nanomaterials. Among different nanomaterials, a wide variety of these materials reveal high intrinsic enzyme-like activity. Due to their high catalytic efficiency and stability, the new field of nanozyme-based catalysis, which has been introduced as an alternative to enzyme-based catalysis, is called nanozyme chemistry. On the other hand, nanozymes are known as nanomaterials with high enzyme-like activity and can be used to simulate enzymatic reactions in harsh environmental conditions. This article aimed to present a brief introduction on the nanozyme-based chemistry with emphasizing on the historical overview of recent nanozymatic sensors.

Keywords: Nanozymes; Nanozyme-based chemistry; Nanozymes applications; nanozymatic sensors.

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