Rivanha Soares Pinto Saraiva

Technology in the healthcare area is always in constant evolution, with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), issuing the global health that digital decisions with a practical vision of resolution, based on the computational strategic principle, leverage the wave of care innovation that evolves pillars such as virtual education through health promotion and efficient data processing. The study aims to analyze and present technological actions adapted to health management in times of pandemic, as well as their perspectives for the population and health professionals. Methodologically, the context is based on an exploratory study that evaluated the qualification of an organizational nature of a health system. It is concluded that the context in question amplifies the knowledge of health professionals and managers to an abrupt adjustment in current times. The pandemic brought as associations an evolution of residential / virtual clinical follow-up with change and adaptation based on the understanding between the team for an interaction in the new scenario of digital health.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence. Data management. Digital health

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