Bahman Zohuri1,2*, Masoud Moghaddam3 and Farhang Mossavar-Rahmani4

By definition, “Business Resilience” is the ability for an organization to quickly adapt to an unexpected disruption(s) and prevent any ongoing workflow(s) to come to a halt and yet maintaining continuous business operations and safeguarding people, resources, assets, and overall barns equity. By the same talking, a Business Resilience System (BRS) is a combination of intelligent software and hardware combined in an integrated system. Such an integrated combination of Business Resilience System goes a step beyond Disaster Recovery (DR) by offering post-disaster strategies to avoid costly downtime, shore up vulnerability and maintain business operations in the face of additional, unexpected breaches of the daily operation of workflow in any enterprise or organization. With recent technical progress in Artificial Intelligence (AI) augmented with Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning sub-systems, they present an Artificial Intelligence System (AIS) and now integrating these two systems of BRS and AIS, one can offer the most intelligent system that an organization or an enterprise can own, in order to have the best possible solution in place to have the best possible technique of predication and consequently prevention and adverse events based on collective historical data within Deep Learning of Artificial Intelligence. In this paper we are present and introduce each of these systems i.e., BRS and AIS and how they can be beneficial to each other by their integration as a holistic system along with their sub-stems of Software, Hardware, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Keywords: Resilience System, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Decision Making in Real Time, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, Big Data and Cloud based servers for repository and storage of Data.

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