Volume 2, Issue 3
Short Article
A Wave Theory of the Mind: A Coherent Mind Creates a Strong Mind and Healthy Body
Authors: George Gerhab
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Short Communication
Modification of the Exterior and Interior Solution of Einstein’s G22 Field Equation for a Homogeneous Spherical Massive Bodies whose Fields Differ in Radial Size, Polar Angle, and Time.
Authors: U. Rilwan, A.U. Maisalatee, E. I. Ugwu, O. G. Okara, S. Muhammad, A. Ubaidullah and H. Abdulrahman
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Short Communication
Nuclear Micro Power Reactor: The New Generation of Innovative Small Reactors
Authors: Bahman Zohuri
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Research Article
Einstein’s Equation of motion for exterior test particles with spherical mass distribution having varied field, time and radial distance; Golden metric tensors approach.
Authors: U. Maisalatee, U. Rilwan and E.I. Ugwu
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