Stanislav Ordin

The asymptotics of a number of limit states of polymers and the transformation of molecular orbitals during their polymerization are analyzed. It is shown that it is these transformed molecular bonds, and not van der Waals, that provide both the linkage of different polymolecules and the branching of each polymolecule separately. At the same time, the fundamental difference between polymers formed at the elementary level due to endothermic chemical reactions and crystals formed due to exothermic reactions is shown. The revealed patterns of polymerization make it possible to use it to create new effective media, such as high-temperature superconductors and high-performance thermoelectrics and electrolytes. And also – and to create Nano-elements for electronics and optics with a given modulation of the energy potential. In addition, such polymers, in principle, can be used as material from which organs in need of transplantation will be created.

Keywords : Electron orbital, polymolecule, frontier orbital, endothermic reactions, van der Waals forces, scale effects, effective medium, Nano element.

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