Bahman Zohuri1*, Akansha Agarwal Dinesh Kumar1 and Masoud Moghaddam2

Cost-effectively detecting, preventing, and mitigating cyber threats are a concern for most organizations, especially those in critical infrastructure sectors. The electrical and mechanical equipment for nuclear power plants is very important to nuclear safety and dependent upon computer-based equipment, appropriate standards and practices for the development and testing of computer hardware and software shall be established and implemented throughout the service life of the system, and in particular throughout the software development cycle. Security systems do not need more tools, they just need more rules, because fighting new threats with more tools just adds complexity and more degrees of freedom; that these new tools always bring on board. It is time to rethink our approach to Cyber Security.

Keywords : Resilience System, Energy Flow, Energy Storage, Energy Grid Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Decision Making in Real-Time, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, Big Data and Cloud-based servers for repository and storage of Data.

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