Florent PIROT

Diffuse damage is a key characteristic of alpha emitters when they cause internal contamination, because their alpha charge keeps them away from each other, giving birth to “grid” patterns in the brain. The effect was already shown to be characteristic of traumatic brain injury. The push effect of the positive charges onto other positive charges (reverse magnet effect) leads to many comorbidities altogether with the main disease caused by them, beyond TBI. The study of the “eye-brain axis” is a large provider of cases of such comorbidities. The review of eye diseases and their relation with TBI or related diseases, especially thyroid diseases, was done to determine whether they are related or not to this grid effect. The results show that more diseases than what was known until now are found to be dependent on contamination with alpha emitters.

Keywords : Traumatic brain injury, diffuse axonal injury, indirect traumatic optic neuropathy, autism, schizophrenia, myopia, cataract, glaucoma, astigmatism, thyroid diseases, Graves’ Disease, refractory depression, strabismus, optic nerve hypoplasia.

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