Federico Becerra1, Maria F. Garro2 and Martin Masuelli1

Lithraea Molleoides fruit Gum (LMFG) is obtained from the total hydrolysis of the fruit. The hydrolysis used are three, thermal (LMFG-T), basic (LMFG-B) and acid (LMFG-A). The aim of hydrolysis is bond breaking and de-esterification of polysaccharide, with the consequent increase in solubility and decrease in molecular weight. Intrinsic viscosity measurement is standard for polymers and biopolymers, as well as being inexpensive. Through intrinsic viscosity, in addition, the hydrodynamic radius, molecular weight, shape factor, etc. can be determined. The objective of this work is to be able to evaluate the different hydrolysis through intrinsic viscosity measurements and, in turn, to study the performance of each one of them.

Keywords : Lithraea Molleoides fruit Gum, intrinsic viscosity, molecular weight, hydration value.

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