Mersaydes Goodson1* and Padmaja Guggilla1

Minimizing the size of electronics to achieve thinner and lighter devices makes the shrinking of the components inevitable. The focus of this research is to incorporate dopants into the Polystyrene (PS) matrix to fabricate thin films with high efficiency and flexibility. Presented is a very simple approach of doping PS thin films with various dopants. The absorption spectra of the films were studied at the wavenumber range (300-700 nm). Effects of doping on optical properties such as, absorbance, transmittance, energy, absorption coefficient, extinction coefficient, and dielectric constant were derived. This study reveals that all these parameters have impact of dopants on PS.

Keywords: Polystyrene PS; UV-Vis Spectroscopy; organic polymer; solution casting; PZT; Lithium Tantalate; Lithium Niobate; Barium Magnesium Aluminate (Europium doped); Potassium Niobate; nanocomposite

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