Peyronie’s disease is a condition known for a long time but which has long been stigmatized as a malformation, misunderstood and generating shame and embarrassment on the part of patients. Because of its multifactorial aspect and its association with certain metabolic diseases, the treatment for many years consisted of a simple observation, the prescription of vitamin E or other anti-inflammatory or vasodilator molecules. We present here à new acquisition thanks to the application of linear shock waves, a promising and quite interesting element in the therapeutic arsenal. This technique, especially when coupled with the use of PDE-5 inhibitors and electroporation should make it possible to treat and improve not only punctually the fibrous nodule by improving the elasticity of the tissues concerned, but also of activate the circulation of the cavernous bodies of the penis thus improving erectile function allowing to give hope to many patients who are desperately seeking a solution to their problem.

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