Volume 3, Issue 2
Review Article
Safety and Self-Care for Asthma: Measures To Reduce Hospitalizations and Educational Promotion in the COVID-19 Pandemic Scenario
Authors: Cinthia Torres Leite1*, Luciana Silva Melo da Luz2, Gabriela Cristina Limp3, Eduarda Vieira Rodrigues4, Allan Bruno Alves de Sousa Santos5, Luciana Oliveira Simões6, Bruna Pelielo Amorim de Mattos7, Francisco Caldeira Reis8, Emanuel Pereira dos Santos9, Cátia Rustichelli Mourão10, Maria da Glória Cruz Saraiva11 and Felix Efrain Perez Castro12
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Mini Review Article
Critique of Daniel Dennett’s, From Bacteria to Bach and Back, the Evolution of Minds
Authors: Stephen Ames
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Letter to Editor
The Effect of SARS-Cov2 Virus on Community Mental Health
Authors: Roya Ershadi1, 2, Hannaneh Reyhanzadeh1, 2, Sam Jafari2 and Ali Ahmadi3*
Research Article
Clinical Characteristics and Causative Pathogens of Acute Meningitis in an Egyptian Fever Hospital, Egypt
Authors: Sameh M. Abdel Monem1, Hassan A. Shora2*, Aya M. Al Amely1, Naglaa A. Khalifa1 and Ahmed L. Sharaf1
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