Cinthia Torres Leite1*, Luciana Silva Melo da Luz2, Gabriela Cristina Limp3, Eduarda Vieira Rodrigues4, Allan Bruno Alves de Sousa Santos5, Luciana Oliveira Simões6, Bruna Pelielo Amorim de Mattos7, Francisco Caldeira Reis8, Emanuel Pereira dos Santos9, Cátia Rustichelli Mourão10, Maria da Glória Cruz Saraiva11 and Felix Efrain Perez Castro12

Asthma is a major cause of hospitalizations for specific conditions in primary care, especially in children under 5 years of age. Thus, it is noticeable that individual and family responsibility for self-care, in association with Primary Health Care professionals, is necessary to reduce hospitalizations for asthma. Hospitalizations for asthma can be avoided through comprehensive and multidisciplinary care, using strategies such as environmental control and health education. In addition, the importance of improving lifestyle for asthmatic patients is emphasized, especially in relation to passive smoking in this pediatric age group. Finally, the reduction in hospitalizations and asthma problems are relevant not only for the health of these children, but also for school learning and to avoid saturation of the hospital health network, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

Keywords : Asthma; Education; Child

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