Kazi Shamim Al Mamun1*, Md. Moniruzzaman2, Mohammad Ibrahim Chowdhury3, Ganesh Chandra Halder4, Saifuddin Mahmud5, A M M Rezaul Karim Mansur6, M M Alam Sadi7, Md. Abdul Hamid Sagar8, Mohiuddin Humayun Kabir Chowdhury9, Alok Kumar Mandal10, Miah Wahiduzzaman11, Md Ariful Islam12 and Md. Rizwan Rehan13

Bangladesh has experienced a significant increase in the presence of non-communicable chronic diseases and associated mortality and morbidity in the last few decades. Chest pain is a common complaint and reason for consultation among them. This study aimed to analyze the prevalence of comorbidity among patients with angina in a divisional city in Bangladesh.


This Prospective cross-sectional study was conducted at the Department of Emergency, Delta Health Care, Chittagong Ltd and CSCR (pvt) Ltd, Chattogram, Bangladesh. The study duration was January’20 to June’22. A total of 420 patients presenting in the emergency department were enrolled in this study following the inclusive criteria. Data were collected using the predesigned semi-structured questionnaire. A consecutive sampling technique was used. Data were processed and analyzed by SPSS version 20.0. Unpaired t-tests and Chi-square tests were performed to observe the association between the study variables, where p<0.05 was considered the level of significance with 95% CI. Verbal consent was taken before recruiting the study population. Ethical clearance of this study was taken from the Ethical Review Committee of Delta Health Care, Ctg. Ltd and CSCR Ltd, Chattogram. The information was kept confidential only to be used for the study purpose.


In this study, most of the patients (123, 29.3%) belonged to the age group of 50-59 years, with a minimum of 35 years and a maximum of 90 years of age. The mean age was 57.18±11.57. most of the patients (222, 52.9%) were male and the rest were female with a male-to-female ratio of 1.1:1. 95 (31.6%) patients from the 50-59 years age group, followed by, 82 (27.2%) patients from the 60-69 years age group complained of chest pain among all the study subjects with male preponderance (169, 56.1%). In contrast, 37 (31.1%) patients from the 60-69 years age group did not experience chest pain, and female preponderance was seen in the patients who did not complain of chest pain. There was no significant association of chest pain with age distribution but with sex. The comorbid conditions were DM, HTN, IHD, CAD. Chest pain was present in 122 (40.5%) and absent in 53 (44.5%) diabetic patients, it was also present in 150 (49.8%) and absent in 59 (49.6%) patients with IHD. Chest pain was present in 94 (31.2%) and absent in 37 (31.1%) patients with CAD and present in 188 (62.5%) absent in 77 (64.7%) hypertensive patients as well. There was no significant association between the comorbidities and chest pain. There was no significant relation between blood pressure with chest pain.


This study concluded that the mentioned comorbid conditions (DM, HTN, IHD, CAD, dyslipidemia) did not show any significant prevalence rate in patients with angina. However, some patients had one or more such conditions along with chest pain which was not statistically significant.

Keywords : BAngina, Comorbidity, DM, HTN, Dyslipidemia, CAD

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