George Gerhab

By quantizing space-time in such a way that I can calculate all of the constants of physics and derive and explain every equation therein.
The magnetic field appears when the electric field seems to travel faster than c. The same way an “anti-gravity” perpendicular field appears, totally depended on relative velocities, since the electric and gravitational forces are made of the micro field lines and are different aspects of the same force [1].
The “gravitational” perpendicular force can be repellant, when masses travel in the same direction, (massive distant galaxies repel enlarging the universe, new current mass just being released) and it can be attractive (opposite spiral arms moving in opposite directions, combined with a super-massive black hole).
The recent detection of gravity waves, is clear evidence for all of this since these waves need a perpendicular field, like electro-magnetic waves.
The magnetic style of the perpendicular field, at extremely high can cause matter and dark to interact

Keywords: Quantization of Space Time, Magnetic Style Perpendicular Gravity Field, Anti-gravity, Interaction of Matter with Dark Matter.

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